FowCRM Features

FowCRM is a user-friendly, next generation, cloud-based CRM application that can be customized to meet the requirements, and operates with a subscription model, with multi-language support and multi-user features. FowCRM aims to keep the interaction between the company and the customer at the highest level. Within this context, it has many tools that help companies to get to know their customers better and to systematically manage their sales processes end-to-end.

Pipeline Management

  • Visualize your sales processes
  • Organize and prioritize all your activities
  • Track and manage your potential and current customers in one place

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  • Create quotes in a very short time
  • Track all your pending quotes
  • Add products or services from your price list to your quotes
  • Generate quote reports for forecast and analysis

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Document Management

  • Store, version and share your documents with your teams
  • Make sure that the users you choose can access the required documents from various devices
  • Increase internal information sharing and save time

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  • Increase your efficiency
  • Increase your productivity
  • Automate and scale your processes
  • Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks

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Customer and Contact Management

  • Save and view your emails, calls, tasks, and notes
  • Monitor your potential and current customers
  • Classify accounts by recency, contact frequency and generated revenue
  • Increase loyalty by strengthening customer relations
  • Seize new sales opportunities

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Activity Management

  • Link your activities to customers, contacts, accounts, deals, quotes and invoices
  • With the to-do list, determine all tasks in each process (e.g. people, companies, opportunities, quotes), and track these tasks on a single screen
  • Manage events with calendar and timelines

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Invoices and Payments

  • Manage invoices and payments
  • Add multiple payment methods
  • Create and track payment plans

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  • Record API
  • Bulk API
  • Custom actions
  • Customizable fields
  • Automations

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Lead and Opportunity Management

  • Systematically manage leads
  • View and analyze opportunities
  • Track goals and progress

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  • Make sales forecasts by viewing previous sales, current opportunities and leads
  • Identify the highest sales potentials and transfer your resources to the right areas
  • Generate reports to evaluate your sales performance, see and improve team productivity, understand reasons of missed opportunities, calculate conversion rates and more

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  • Discover a new way of collaboration
  • Keep track of what’s happening
  • See all CRM activities on one screen

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Continuous Improvement

We are constantly improving the features of FowCRM according to industry requirements, customer feedback and new technologies, and adding new functions. Please contact us for any comments and suggestions.

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