Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about FowCRM

What is CRM? What does it do? chevron_right

CRM is a set of strategies, technologies and applications that are required to manage customer relationships correctly, strengthen commercial relationships and increase profitability as a result of all these.

Why should you use CRM? chevron_right

To provide a complete customer experience, you need to perform a flawless Customer Relationship Management. At this point, CRM programs have a huge impact. Next generation CRM software significantly increases your sales capability by providing close follow-up of your pipelines, customers, leads, opportunities, offers, invoices and payments, in short, all aspects related to sales.

What are the benefits of using CRM? chevron_right

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) monitors, analyzes and manages all interactions of your sales teams with your customers, prospects and business partners. CRM software, which promises to make businesses and sales representatives more productive, efficient and effective, comes with innovative technologies and functional applications that shape the business world. CRM, one of the fastest growing markets in the world, offers the opportunity to view the current workflow and customer relations from different angles. There are many added values that next generation CRM applications can bring to your business.

What is next generation CRM chevron_right

Next Generation Customer Relationship Management (CRM) means much more than a digital solution. CRM, which means a cloud-based, comprehensive support network to manage and analyze your customer relations in almost every issue related to your business line and to take customer relationship management one step further, eliminates the concept of time and space by offering end-to-end solutions.

What are the types of CRM solutions? chevron_right

The most suitable CRM solution should be applied in accordance with variables such as the size of your business, your field of activity, your sales strategies and the sector your team works in. Analytical CRM, operational CRM and collaborative CRM are among the most preferred customer relations applications of recent years.

How does CRM help increase sales? chevron_right

CRM software, which offers customized solutions to your services, sales plans and team, also contributes to increasing your sales. Customer relationship management allows you to connect more with customers, improve business performance and move your company to the next level.

How does CRM increase customer satisfaction? chevron_right

With CRM, the entire decision process becomes effective and accelerated. With a resource that provides instant access to all information about your business, it becomes easier to make faster and more effective decisions. With CRM, you can prepare special proposal templates for your company and make effective offers. In addition, with CRM, you can instantly respond to customer needs and increase satisfaction by seeing information such as tracking details of sales to customers, notes of meetings with customers, offers and orders.

Should SMEs also use CRM? chevron_right

A firm with less than 250 employees per year and a medium-volume financial balance sheet is classified as an SME. The vast majority of businesses operating in our country are considered within this scope. Representing small and medium-sized enterprises, SOHO has made a name for itself in different sectors, especially informatics, e-commerce and food. SOHO-style small businesses are a great choice to minimize the increasing costs and provide high productivity with a small number of personnel. CRM platforms bring along many benefits for your small business, from customer retention to increasing productivity.

How does CRM enable sales teams to work together more efficiently? chevron_right

It is possible to use CRM tools to ensure effective team communication within the sales organization and between representatives. This communication is very important in terms of maintaining a certain brand image among all representatives who interact with prospects and enabling the representatives to reach the target by staying in touch with each other. With CRM applications, all decisions made by the headquarters are instantly conveyed to the team members. In this way, sales representatives do not have difficulties in price offers, field plan preparations or product recommendations.

I am not using CRM. Why should I use FowCRM? chevron_right

By using FowCRM, you can manage customer relations in an optimum way and thus achieve your sales targets faster, do not fail to notice anything, easily track your activities and invoices, and easily access the details behind the data with the reports screen

I am already using a CRM. Why should I prefer FowCRM? chevron_right

You are very lucky if you are already using a CRM, you are happy with the price-performance balance, and you are not experiencing any problems. But if you are thinking “Isn’t there any better?”, if you are not satisfied with the price-performance balance, if the product you use does not meet all your needs, if it is not easy to use, or if you are having difficulty getting answers to the questions you have, we would like to introduce you to FowCRM.

What are the features of FowCRM? chevron_right

FowCRM is a next generation customer relationship management solution that works with a cloud-based subscription model. Available in 5 different languages, FowCRM has multi currency and multi time zone supports. In addition, it has KVKK (local GDPR) compliance in Turkey and GDPR compliance abroad. While providing the opportunity to create and control sales teams, to determine and follow up sales and activity targets, to manage all end-to-end sales processes with its user-friendly interface; it also saves time and provides foresight in optimizing sales processes with its automation, reporting and estimation modules.

Can I use the FowCRM with other programs at my company? chevron_right

Of course. As FowCRM, we have full confidence in our integration abilities… You can easily set up the integration you want under Settings, as well as get help 24/7 from our support team.

On which devices can I use FowCRM? chevron_right

You can access FowCRM from any device that has an internet connection.

Does FowCRM have different language and currency options? chevron_right

You can use the FowCRM in TurkishEnglishArabicRussian and Spanish. You can also follow up all your sales processes in 159 different currencies defined in the system.

What should I do to start using FowCRM? chevron_right

To start using FowCRM, you can take the first step by creating an account here and choosing the most suitable package for you. If you prefer, you can also request our related department to reach you by filling out the demo request form.

How will I learn to use FowCRM? chevron_right

FowCRM is a product that is literally “user friendly”. FowCRM, which can even be mastered by someone who has never used CRM before, has an interface (UI) designed with a focus on the user experience (UX). The adaptation process to the application is facilitated by user training videos in FowAcademy and manuals in FowDocs.

How do I get technical support? chevron_right

If you encounter any problems while using the FowCRM, you can get 24/7 technical support via ticketemailphone or our customer managers as part of your package.

Can FowCRM be customized for my needs? chevron_right

One of the most important features of FowCRM is its flexibility to be customizedCustom areas can be added to the modules in the product according to the needs of the user companies, and custom buttons can be added to these areas. In addition, custom automations for repetitive workflows can be applied.

Can functions and features be added without coding or technical support? chevron_right

You can purchase the applications, features and functions you want from the Marketplace, and start using them directly without any support.

Can time be saved with FowCRM CRM? chevron_right

With FowCRM, you can save time by automating your repetitive processes. You can increase both your productivity and efficiency with custom automation options for users.

Which FowCRM package should I purchase? chevron_right

If you want to follow-up your sales processes with the most basic features, you can start using our free Starter package immediately, without the obligation to share your payment information.

If you need end-to-end customer and sales management and want to improve your processes with reports, you can choose our Standard package.
You can also prefer the Professional package if you want to customize FowCRM according to your own processes and utilize its integration capabilities.

You can subscribe to our Enterprise package to use FowCRM and all its functions in a way that meets your needs with a custom consulting service and a customer manager dedicated to your firm.

What are the payment options? chevron_right

You can make your FowCRM payments with monthly and annual plan by a credit or debit card.

How do I upgrade my package? chevron_right

After logging into the application, you can go to the “Application Details” under “Settings”, through the “Subscriptions” tab on the page that opens, click the “Upgrade Package” button under the relevant product, or after logging in you can click the “Purchase” button and select the product to be upgraded on the page that opens.

What should I do if the number of users increases or decreases? chevron_right

After logging into the application, you can add the user you want by clicking the “Add” button from the user list, or you can turn off the access of an existing user.