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Looking for a sales solution that is neither complicated and expensive nor basic and insufficient? We got you covered. FowCRM is easy-to-use, cost-effective, and has enterprise features for sales management.

Build your own
sales process

We provide a user-friendly, flexible and adaptive platform with which you can sell, resell, cross-sell or upsell smartly.

Simple. Flexible. Productive.

FowCRM makes it easier to manage your sales processes end-to-end, adapts to your business and boosts your sales teams' effectiveness.
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75% of companies that use FowCRM achieve their sales goals.
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You can integrate FowCRM with 100+ frequently used apps.
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FowCRM has more than 60 features available on all pricing plans.
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FowCRM increases sales by 36%, productivity by 42% and forecast accuracy by 51%.

Sell smart with intelligent reporting

Whether in e-commerce or B2B business, all companies should analyse big data. FowCRM's reporting tools, dashboards, and AI-based forecasts give you the insight and foresight you need.

Teamwork makes the dream work

FowCRM lets your sales teams collaborate on real-time data, increases customer engagement and helps to grow your business.

Make a difference with practical documentation

With FowCRM’s document management features, you can create, store and share sales content efficiently and collaboratively.

Powerful integration tools

FowCRM has 100+ integrations available with other apps like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Google Calendar. Thus, you won't need extra tools and bear additional costs to integrate your frequently used apps.

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