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Omnichannel customer engagement

Take your customer engagement to the next level with FowCRM’s robust modules, including:

  • Omnichannel Messaging: Reach clients through multiple channels (SMS, Email, Social Media, WhatsApp, WebChat, Web Form), all managed conveniently from a single hub.
  • Case Management: Efficiently collect and respond to valuable customer feedback.
  • After-Sales Processes: Tailor and manage your unique after-sales service workflows.
  • Surveys: Measure customer satisfaction effortlessly with customised surveys.
  • AI Copilot: Ensure uninterrupted customer service with generative AI-powered assistant.

Industry-ready solutions

We understand that each industry possesses unique challenges and demands. Our approach to modern solutions is inherently customer-centric, but we also recognise the importance of catering to the specific requirements of your industry. This is why we offer industry-specific solutions that are meticulously crafted to simplify your business processes and enhance your overall efficiency.

Simple. Flexible. Productive.

FowCRM makes it easier to manage your sales business processes end-to-end, adapts to your business and boosts your sales teams' effectiveness.
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75% of companies that use FowCRM achieve their sales goals.
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You can integrate FowCRM with 100+ frequently used apps.
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FowCRM's industry-specific solutions boost revenue by %41 on avarage.
FowCRM increases customer satisfaction by 26% on avarage.

AI Copilot &
Data Analytics

Harness the power of integrated artificial intelligence and data analytics within FowCRM.

AI Copilot

  • AI assistant for daily operations and content generation
  • Seamlessly integrate AI for customer engagement.
  • Implement a chatbot for automatic customer responses and utilise AI recommendations.
  • Achieve omnichannel AI integration for a broader reach.

Data Analytics

  • Access predefined dashboards and reports for quick insights.
  • Customise dashboards and reports to meet your unique needs.
  • Seamlessly integrate with BI reporting tools like Google Data Studio for smart decision-making.
  • Efficiently manage your data with import and export features.

Build your own CRM

Build a distinctive business platform using FowCRM and tailor its core modules effortlessly. Leverage a comprehensive suite of no-code tools for UI/UX design, workflow automation, data modeling, integrations, and beyond.

  • Limitless customisation options
  • Create apps without any coding
  • A vast array of prebuilt apps
  • Automate workflows without requiring special skills

Comprehensive CRM consulting

With over 26 years of CRM system experience, we have expertly tackled challenges in customer management for clients across diverse industries, including commerce, healthcare, and retail. This allows us to grasp the distinct intricacies of CRM processes in each sector. Our portfolio continues to grow through ongoing CRM consulting and development projects, ensuring comprehensive expertise in CRM solutions.

What we offer:

  • CRM Strategy Consulting
  • CRM Implementation Consulting
  • Custom CRM Consulting
  • CRM Migration Consulting

Powerful integration tools

FowCRM has 100+ integrations available with other apps like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Google Calendar. Thus, you won't need extra tools and bear additional costs to integrate your frequently used apps.

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