Sales Management

April 19, 2023 2024-01-15 11:27

Focus on sales

Successful sales management is the key to achieving higher sales figures. FowCRM enables you to manage all steps in your sales processes, from generating leads to closing deals and seizing opportunities.

Sell Smart

FowCRM aims to keep the interaction between the company and the customer at the highest level. Within this context, it has many tools that help companies get to know their customers better and systematically manage their sales processes end-to-end.

Account and Contact Management

Get a detailed bird’s-eye view of all your accounts and contacts in one place.

Lead Management

Have an eye on every lead and escalate your conversion rate.


Respond promptly and accurately to your customers’ quote requests.

Contact Management

Sales are all about customers. Keep a beady eye on every single one of them.

Sales Pipeline

Keep your pipeline full and flowing with opportunities.


Optimise your deal management process for timely and precise customer interactions.

Activity Management

Streamline your business activities and enhance team collaboration for increased productivity.

Templates/Template Builder

Simplify your workflow and ensure consistency in your communication with customisable templates.


Save time by designing workflows to automate repetitive tasks.

Major industries we serve

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