In the past, when the new year arrived, everyone would update their agendas and calendars, marking important days (I’m talking about birthdays 😊) and then taking notes for all the activity details one by one; “I have a meeting on this day, I should call this person today, how about having lunch with a customer on Tuesday…”

With the digitization of the world, applications that keep all our business inputs together are becoming part of our routine. While everything develops outside our control, we are also changing, or rather evolving.

The Importance of Activity in Sales

Activities are small but powerful tools that help advance deals in your sales pipeline.
Every sales representative plans multiple steps to interact with a potential customer and turn them into a customer: emails, phone calls, online meetings, lunches, visits, etc.
Understanding exactly what will advance the deal through correct interactions with customers will help you decide on the best steps to take to close a similar deal in the future.

Activity Module in FowCRM

FowCRM is here to make your life easier for all these needs. What was the last conversation with which customer, what notes were taken in which meeting, who hasn’t been contacted for a long time, everything is under one module. You can personalize all activities, add new types, report at any time, and set goals. Who knows, maybe you want to define activities to treat the person who achieves the most activities to coffee at the end of the month 😊


Did you know you can customize activity types?

If the activity types offered by FowCRM (meeting, call, note, task) are not enough for you, you can specify a new activity type and determine which fields should appear under it. Who can stop you 😊

Let’s start adding activities…

You can add an activity from the quick menu, but don’t skip selecting the relevant person or process! You can also add a related activity from the details of the desired person/company/opportunity. Don’t forget to press the “Completed” button when you complete the activity!

What are your teammates doing?

You can see everyone’s activities. But if your teammate has organized a secret meeting, I’m sorry, you can’t see it 😊

Track module-based activities…

Do you wonder who added what activity to a company or maybe an opportunity? Then go ahead and follow the person/company/opportunity you want.