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As we all know, the world is rapidly globalizing and digitizing. This situation has changed and continues to change many dynamics in the sales world, just like in every other field in today’s world. Perhaps if we were to teleport someone hailed as the best salesperson in North America in 1980 to the present day using a time machine, they might struggle to achieve their goals. In this rapidly changing ecosystem, I am reaching out to you to explore together the question that is perhaps one of the most frequently asked these days: ‘How can I increase my productivity?’

Words Fly, Writing Remains…

As in every aspect of life, we can say ‘Words fly, writing remains’ in sales processes as well. Especially when we consider touching hundreds or thousands of potential customers, documenting our notes becomes crucial. When scheduling a new meeting with someone we’ve met before, the notes from previous meetings can be of vital importance. Taking notes in a notebook or entering data into Excel, Word, etc., on a daily basis can be very helpful, but using a CRM to manage them in a systematic and institutional memory-building way can significantly ease your work.

Create Your Own Rituals

Seeing sales as a science and moving in a way that aligns with its mathematics is a known fact that makes processes much easier. However, it can be said that there is not a single correct method in practice. At this point, you can capture your own self-awareness and create personalized rituals. Below, I would like to share a few examples with you:

  • Taking 30 minutes at the beginning of each week to plan the actions to be taken during that week.
  • Conducting an evaluation at the end of each week related to that week.
  • Quickly sharing meeting notes with the other party after customer meetings.
  • Preparing a question-answer document and updating it after each customer meeting.
  • Reaching out to leads received in the last 24 hours by phone/email every morning.
  • We can extend this list, and we would be delighted if you share your own rituals to inspire others. Maybe we can even dedicate an entire newsletter to this.

Customize Your CRM Usage Style

To be honest, CRMs can become the most boring products in the world when it comes to data entry. However, it becomes evident that they increase our efficiency and motivation when we start using their features and benefiting from them as much as possible. While the CRM world welcomes us with features like reporting and target management for executives, it also offers many features that make life easier for users. Let’s look at a few examples of what you can do:

  • Create a list named ‘Leads in the Last 24 Hours’ and, as the first task in the morning, review and plan these leads.
  • Automatically create a follow-up activity for 5-7 days after a customer meeting or phone call. When the relevant day arrives, you can take the necessary actions by seeing this activity in your calendar. If you are using a CRM solution, you can set up automations for such actions, ensuring you never forget or overlook anything.
  • Define a reminder when creating an activity. For example, you can set up a reminder notification to be sent 30 minutes before a meeting.
  • Tag the companies/people you meet. You can use various tags such as hot, cold, loyal customer, important, etc., and directly reach out to these companies/people by filtering your contact list.

Instead of separately tracking request forms on your website or forms filled out from Google/Facebook ads, you can make the necessary developments for them to automatically come into your CRM solution as leads.

Upload a proposal or email template you use into your CRM solution, allowing you to quickly prepare proposals or share emails in just a few seconds.

Prioritize leads by listing those you haven’t touched before on the screen where you list leads.

Nourish Yourself…

In the rapidly changing world, perhaps one of the most crucial aspects is the ability of individuals to nourish themselves. Starting the day with exercise, traveling more frequently, or engaging in readings on different topics are just a few examples of this nourishment. However, it is a well-known fact that creating different points of nourishment mentally enhances productivity. Following reports from entirely different industries or trying to understand customer issues in a different geography can unexpectedly make a difference in your ability to create innovation.

In addition to these, analyzing the current world well, keeping up with new technologies, products, business ideas, and methods will also be beneficial. Furthermore, sharing stories and experiences with people around you after gaining or losing a customer can positively impact the momentum of learning and creating in a proportional manner.

Effective Communication with Team Members

A phrase emphasizing teamwork has become quite popular in recent times: Team Alignment, where Sales, Marketing, Product, Technical, Design, and Support teams keep each other updated.

Different companies have created and are creating unique rituals to bring different departments to the same frequency and tap into the potential power of teamwork.

Especially for employees in direct contact with customers, a module referred to as ‘Flow’ or ‘Feed,’ resembling a Twitter wall, serves precisely this purpose.

In addition to tools that enhance internal communication such as Slack and Teams, the communication provided directly on the relevant person/company card offers many possible advantages.

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