Hello, I’m Anıl, serving as the Head of Development at FowCRM. I would like to share my experiences with technical developments in the CRM world and integration processes with you in this article. I aim to provide you with details on why and how integration happens in general.

Looking back from the past to the present, it’s evident that all companies are becoming organizations that prioritize the customer. Specialized applications are being used for various processes related to customer relationships, such as marketing, sales, after-sales, and communication channels. The introduction of these new applications brings along different challenges. One of the most significant challenges is the transition and change in usage habits among applications due to the multitude of applications, resulting in a considerable loss of effort.

According to a survey conducted by Hubspot, one of the world’s leading CRM brands, the average company uses around 9 different applications and operates them in an integrated manner.

Integration of Your Used Applications with CRM

At this stage, integrating applications becomes the most effective solution. Especially if we can integrate all applications into one and ensure they are used with a single interface and experience, the transition to a more efficient process is achieved. The ultimate solution desired is to create systems that can integrate and work with each other as much as possible.

For example, you acquire customer leads from a source (social media, website), then conduct your sales through a different application, and manage after-sales requests through another system. The expectation from the solutions you use is essentially to provide you with information about where your customers come from, the processes they go through, and their current status. For this, one of the three different systems you use must act as the main platform, taking over the entire process.

Another solution might be that you’ve adopted a CRM system and reached a different point in the sales process, but you’re using your own systems in the after-sales process. In this case, it would be best to integrate through your own systems and manage the process accordingly.

Most Used Integration Types

Call Center Integration

Handling incoming and outgoing calls through a CRM system makes the progression of the process much faster and easier. With this integration, the ability to view and listen to a customer’s entire call history takes things to a whole new level.

Marketing Integration

Integrations with all marketing channels in the field (Meta Business, Google, Mailchimp, etc.) enable sales to be conducted much more efficiently. For example, consolidating mass operations like those in Mailchimp onto a single system and retrospectively examining them is tailor-made for process analysis and reporting.

Messaging Integration

In today’s world, all communication processes are conducted through messaging. When necessary integrations are made, CRM systems provide the infrastructure for advancing the entire communication process from within the system. This allows Call Center teams or salespeople to communicate with customers much more quickly and effectively.

A Tip from the FowCRM Team

In summary, there are now specialized solutions for various needs, and using all these solutions as if they were a single system is definitely a necessity. In this regard, FowCRM provides the opportunity to become a platform that can integrate with all systems, thanks to its strong integration and customization capabilities. After making the necessary integrations, you can now manage and report everything from within FowCRM without leaving the platform.

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