In our previous articles, we talked to you about the concept of leads. In this week’s article, we will provide information on how to reach leads through various channels. Additionally, we will seek answers to questions about how to collect and manage leads.

According to the general CRM perception, we all now know that leads are the first link in the sales chain. Whether you are an established company or a start-up, when it comes to the sales stage, the primary goal will be to reach the customer. As sales progress, the search for new customers will continue. This potential new customer, where there is a possibility of doing business, is what we call a lead.

The best strategies for collecting potential leads will bring your business in front of larger audiences. The success of businesses is largely dependent on the ability to generate high-quality potential customers.

Reaching the right potential candidates will also affect your lead conversion rates, which is the next step. As you reach the right potential candidates, the likelihood of converting leads into deals will increase proportionally. Of course, proper lead management is crucial here. Not every candidate may be suitable for your target audience. Perhaps the product they are looking for is not your product. Making the right selection here will also prevent unnecessary time and effort loss for your team.

How do we reach our target audience?

Several methods can be considered here. In the digital world, you can reach potential customers through advertising channels, email, or social media. The process begins with potential customers discovering you through digital marketing channels and engaging with them through a message or visual that will prompt them to take action.

To collect leads through your website

When potential customers visit your website, they are greeted with a landing page. Here, you can provide content that introduces your product or service, highlights its features, or distinguishes it from competing products. Additionally, through a form on your website, you can gather contact information from users visiting your website. Each user who shares their contact information with you is a lead.

The key here is to attract users to your website and then convince them to share their contact information. To achieve this, structuring digital advertising channels correctly is crucial. Let’s delve into some of these channels together.

Search Engine Ads

Channels that allow you to reach potential customers through selected keywords on search engines. The most crucial detail for this method is accurately identifying the keywords. This way, you can achieve good traffic.

Social Media

In today’s conditions, social media sites are among the most effective channels for advertising due to their high visitor numbers. By creating compelling content for these sites, you can attract a large number of visitors to your website. Additionally, the ads you place will also help draw in visitors.


By sending emails to the customers in your portfolio, you can persuade them to use your product or service. Again, the design of the advertisement plays a crucial role here. Another important point is to expand your email list.

For all these marketing methods, the most crucial point is to create high-quality, compelling, and detailed content as much as possible. By preparing content in accordance with these details, you can increase the clicks from your users. However, this will not be sufficient. With a phone number or email information you can obtain through an impressive content, you can make your marketing chain sustainable.

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