In this article, we have researched and compiled applications and websites that have been recently launched for you.

You can indicate if you need food or heating in the earthquake-stricken area. Additionally, you can view lists of aid, make donations to institutions, specify that you can provide transportation for passengers, or report that you can operate heavy machinery.

Through the service, you can also view locations for food distribution, shelters, gathering areas, blood donation points, and more. You can also report if you are under debris or if someone you know is under debris. It is also possible to see hotels providing services on the map.

Whistle/ Real Whistle

If your building collapses after an earthquake, and you find yourself trapped under the debris, you can use this application to emit high-pitched sounds from your phone, making it easier for search and rescue teams to hear. With this low battery consumption app, you can produce loud sounds at a high frequency. While the Whistle app is available for Android devices, iOS users can access the Real Whistle app through the AppStore.

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Afet Harita 

Developed to make sense of data gathered from help requests shared on social media and inform organizations and agencies on the field, Disaster Map assists relevant institutions and NGOs. The map is regularly updated at specified intervals.

Ben İyiyim allows communication for earthquake victims and their relatives. When you visit the website, you will encounter two different buttons: “I’m in the earthquake” and “I’m a relative of someone in the earthquake.” You can choose one of these buttons to use the service.

Enkaz Bildirim creates an up-to-date debris map in Turkey’s earthquake-prone areas, identifying critical points for urgent needs and creating a current map to assist earthquake victims under debris.

Enkaz Dinleme Uygulaması

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) has developed an ‘Earthquake Listening Application’ that operates without the need for internet access to reach people trapped under debris. Developed by ITU Center for Advanced Studies in Music, the application is provided free of charge, allowing the detection of individuals under debris without an internet connection. To use the application, you need to visit, and then adjust the lower and upper frequency settings. This way, you can filter out sounds other than human voices.

Afet Bilgi 

You can view temporary shelters, safe gathering areas, food distribution points, container pharmacies, veterinarians, and evacuation points for earthquake victims. For those who want to help, the service also provides collection centers for assistance, Kızılay blood donation points, and stem cell donation points.

Deprem Yardım allows you to report the locations of individuals trapped under debris or their relatives who know their addresses. The service, designed for practical use, quickly transfers this location information to authorized institutions to facilitate the arrival of assistance.

Deprem Bilgi Sistemi 3.0 

This application informs users about earthquakes occurring in Turkey and its surroundings, providing the opportunity to access seismicity data for any location or user in Turkey. At this point, one of the recommended applications to have on your smartphone is the Earthquake Information System 3.0.


Turkcell’s service available to all operator users, BIP, was updated some time ago with the Emergency Button. With the BiP Emergency Button, you can send your current status along with your location to your loved ones with a single touch on BiP in case of an emergency, and you can make uninterrupted calls through BiP over the internet.

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With the eAfad application on your Android devices, you can instantly track earthquake activities in Turkey and the surrounding area. Earthquakes, which can occur suddenly due to faults in the Earth’s crust, are frequently observed in our country as well.

Earthquakes that can arise suddenly due to fractures in the Earth’s crust can sometimes be of small magnitude and sometimes of a magnitude that can cause significant damage. The user-friendly interface of the eAfad application stands out as an earthquake monitoring application that presents earthquakes in Turkey and the surrounding area on the map.

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Thanks to Life360, you can view the location of people in your family. Continuing its popularity for a long time, Life360 allows you to chat with all the people in your family or with one person if you wish.

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Voxer allows you to communicate easily with your friends or family. The app has a push-to-talk feature and includes functions for sending text messages, photos, and locations. Supporting various connections, including Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and EDGE, you can listen to voice messages 2 or 3 times faster in the app.

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Deprem Uyarılarım

Allows you to receive live earthquake information from around the world. With its successful interface, the app provides easy use, and you can see the exact location, depth, and distance of the earthquake.

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Allows you to instantly learn about earthquakes that occur. Through the app providing real-time information, you can communicate with your friends or family. Designed by seismologists, the service also offers safety recommendations for after the earthquake.

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An app developed for early earthquake warning through seismic sensor networks. It sends notifications when an earthquake occurs near you. The app also includes a simulator to better understand the event.

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This app produces a whistling sound, emitting a high-pitched noise from your phone to assist rescue teams in locating you.

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It detects and records vibrations in your location, providing you with real-time information about the intensity of the earthquake.

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Mobile Applications

AFAD Acil: If you are injured, under debris, lost, or unable to reach a loved one, you can use the AFAD Emergency application.

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AKUT Güvendeyim: In the event of a possible disaster, you can send an ‘I’m safe’ message to your loved ones via SMS.

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112 Acil Yardım 

By using the button within this application, you enable the Emergency Service to reach you.

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This application enables you to exchange messages via Bluetooth when the internet or network is unavailable. You can communicate with anyone using this app within 100 meters of your vicinity.

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This application emits a loud whistle sound to help you indicate your location.

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Web Sites Launched Shortly After the Earthquake Disaster

Applications developed coordinately by IT volunteers:

  • Created to collect and share search and rescue operations, as well as help and support requests in a common database to relevant authorities.
  • A website where you can create and view requests for those under debris who need help with food, heating, or accommodation.
  • An application developed for people in earthquake-prone areas to report their status.
  • A website where you can report incidents on the map and track the reports.
  • A website where you can access information about temporary shelters, safe gathering areas, food distribution points, blood donation areas, and many more through a single link.

You can join the IT Earthquake Aid Discord channel to support these efforts.

Domestic initiatives providing free psychological support to earthquake victims.