If you want to boost the performance of your sales team, turn to artificial intelligence! Currently, only 37% of companies worldwide are using AI in their sales processes, but more than half of high-performing sales organizations leverage AI.

Integrating artificial intelligence into your sales processes doesn’t necessarily mean fully automating these processes. The real power of AI tools in sales lies in helping your team save time, enabling them to devote more energy to active selling. Moreover, recent research indicates that artificial intelligence is considered significantly more valuable as a sales tool in 2022 compared to 2019. Forrester predicts that the AI-powered platform market will reach $37 billion by 2025.

Today, there are over 100 AI sales software providers offering a myriad of features and pricing plans that you can choose from based on your needs. In this article, we have compiled the most effective AI sales tools for your business to make the most out of the power of artificial intelligence in your sales.

What Are AI Sales Tools?

AI sales tools are application software programs that utilize artificial intelligence for a more effective and faster sales process. They assist sales representatives and customers in interacting and finding solutions that match their needs. With fundamental features for intelligent systems, these tools automate tasks, providing a smart working environment and enabling salespeople to use their time efficiently.

How Is AI Used in Sales?

Artificial intelligence is used to identify patterns in customer behaviors and generate accurate analyses of trends in a shorter time frame. It enhances efficiency in sales through automation, leading to savings in time and costs. Additionally, it increases productivity in sales through environment automation.

Top AI Sales Tools

Veloxy takes the lead among AI sales tools with its ‘all-in-one’ features catering to areas such as email marketing, field sales, sales engagement, and sales automation. Drift and Exceed Warmer stand out prominently with their expertise in conversational sales. Saleswhale excels in sales emails, while Growbots has proven itself in outbound sales.

  1. Veloxy

Veloxy is an ‘all-in-one’ sales artificial intelligence solution that aids in improving efficiency and increasing sales for sales teams to foster better customer relationships. It manages sales engagement, sales enablement, sales productivity, and CRM automation.

  1. Drift

Drift is a well-known AI sales software used for customer chat. It is a chat platform utilizing AI features aimed at generating higher-quality leads, closing sales, and enhancing marketing efforts.

  1. Exceed AI

Exceed is a powerful AI sales acceleration software for customer chat processes and lead management. It is one of the most efficient AI-powered sales assistant tools, supported by customer feedback indicating a 35% increase in efficiency, a 25% increase in sales-ready leads, and a remarkable 109% increase in achieved sales quotas.

  1. Warmer.ai

Warmer.ai is an advanced AI email personalization platform that stands out in mass email campaigns. This AI software analyzes potential customers’ LinkedIn accounts and other websites to create highly personalized emails. Sales and marketing teams benefit from more positive responses to their mass emails. Warmer.ai is suitable for individuals as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

  1. Saleswhale

Saleswhale is an email-based sales software produced by 6sense. This AI sales software enhances the quality and quantity of potential customers by providing customized customer conversations and using machine learning to analyze responses from prospective customers. It ensures efficient use of time for sales representatives by avoiding prolonged one-on-one discussions with unqualified leads.

  1. Growbots

Growbots is an AI-supported sales platform that offers advanced ‘all-in-one’ features. It analyzes specific target customers, making the sales funnel more defined and categorized based on customer interests by providing up-to-date information from the email database. Growbots is suitable for companies of any size that want to minimize the time spent on selecting target markets, creating campaigns, and organizing campaign management.