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Dear readers, the topic we will share with you this week is: Proposal

Why should we create a proposal?

At which stage should we create a proposal?

What information should be in the proposal document?

We have noticed that our users who receive CRM services have questions in their minds, and this week, we are here to find the answers to the questions you see above and more.

If we explain it in terms of terminology;

Proposal: It is the document to be shared with customers before the sales process is completed at the sales stage. In simpler terms, it is the document through which we officially convey the requested fee to the customer.

Creating and recording a proposal is important to ensure mutual trust between the buyer and the seller. We should record our proposals to prevent the confusion created by details such as the amount requested from the customer, whether your customer approves this price, when you submitted the proposal, or the expiration date of the amount in the proposal, and to formalize our sales process.

How can we create a proposal?

There can be more than one format for creating a proposal, depending on the nature of your business, the industry of your customers you work with, and the service or product you offer.

At the most basic level, a proposal should include the type of service to be offered, the product to be sold, the quantity, customer information, the requested fee, and KDV (VAT- Value-added tax) information.

If you are a FowCRM user, you don’t need to think about all these. Because we provide you with all the convenience to create a proposal in a few steps.

Firstly, you should add different types of proposal formats you use or will use to the system. These formats may vary according to languages, with or without a logo, and may differ according to monthly or annual agreements. You can easily add as many different types of proposal templates to CRM as you want. Then, you just need to select the appropriate template, add the product and price you will offer, determine VAT and discount rates if any.

While creating a proposal, you can use different currencies, and if you wish, you can create proposals containing multiple products or services based on the price lists you have created. Of course, there should also be an “expiration date” for the given proposal. Adjustments may be requested in the prices, but there will be a final expiration date for the proposal.

How the proposal will be shared with the customer is also one of the important issues. In FowCRM, you can print out the proposals you create physically, or you can download them to your computer and share them with your customers through different channels, or you can share them directly with your customers via email within CRM without the need for a second application.

It may be important for you to report the proposals you have created. Daily, monthly, or yearly, who created how many proposals? What is the total of these proposals? How many of the proposals were accepted? You can easily access all this information through our reports.

Knowledge Base

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Proposal | “Proposal,” is the field where the pricing and relevant terms to be presented for the sale in case of a positive outcome of the opportunities created through “Lead,” Person, or Company are documented.

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