CRM is the whole of the strategy, technology and practices necessary to manage customer relations correctly, strengthen commercial ties and increase profitability as a result of all these.

In today’s world, where technology and competition are increasing, CRM software is preferred to increase sales profitability in a wide area, from small and medium-sized companies to holdings. Ensuring efficiency and effective management in customer relations depends on knowing the customer well and correctly analysing what they need. It is also vital that the product/service is provided at the right time, in the right place and at the right price.

So, what is CRM? CRM is the whole of the strategy, technology and practices necessary to manage customer relations correctly, strengthen commercial ties and increase profitability. CRM is also defined as a software solution developed to manage customer relations. This software presents the entire phase of the customer interaction process on a single platform.

What Does CRM Do?

A standard CRM solution offers many features that allow you to easily follow all stages, from the first contact with customers to after-sales services. Company managers use this solution to manage the sales process in general, measure performance and improve the whole process. In addition, sales teams prefer CRM solutions to prepare proposals, track orders, list sales and record all information.

Countless e-mails, messy handwritten notes, and customer information trying to hide in a large number of Excel spreadsheets; With the CRM software, you can record in a particular order and ensure that all your employees can access this information whenever they need it. In a company where a CRM application is used, when the customer calls the office, even if the person trying to help him does not know the customer, he can easily manage the process with the information recorded. In addition, the customer’s current demands can be recorded so that other employees can see them.

Things to Consider When Choosing a CRM

A review of CRM solutions reveals general similarities between them. However, the points where the solutions diverge can also be observed. For this reason, when choosing the solution you will use, you should first analyse your needs correctly. Then, you should select a solution that will meet these needs and be easily used by your team. Price is an essential criterion in choosing CRM software. Still, ease of use should be a priority for you because the price you pay for software that your team cannot use and cannot be productive does not matter at this stage.

CRM software is beneficial for retaining existing customers and acquiring new customers by reaching potential customers. It is included in all the work done to create customer satisfaction and make them loyal to the product or service. CRM makes the relationships that companies establish with existing or potential customers productive.

CRM and Artificial Intelligence

The best CRM software offers powerful analytics with artificial intelligence when it comes to technological competencies. Artificial intelligence hardware, the future of CRM software, defines the past process and plans the following action for each customer opportunity and guides you. AI also delivers customer insights that help optimise the brand experience in service, marketing, and sales.

Who Should Use CRM Software?

CRM systems are often associated with sales teams. However, it has expanded its CRM area and went beyond service and trade units, especially marketing. This system collects customer data and analyses this data. Then, it uses the information obtained from the analysis to establish relationships.

CRM makes it easy to get support beyond the process necessary for the performance of the business while ensuring that the customer is recognised and valued. Thus, the product/service is provided at the right time, through the right channel and at the right price. In addition, with CRM, service teams can take faster action in solving problems. In addition, development teams can create better services and products using CRM.

Using a CRM solution brings complete sales management. With every active sale made, you can open more sales leads. By managing the entire process from the first contact you have with your customer to the order’s delivery, you can access information quickly and follow all stages in detail with CRM.

It is also possible to organise your customers by getting a comprehensive CRM solution. For example, you can categorise your customers according to geographic regions, areas of responsibility, and other features. In this way, you can immediately reach the customer who meets specific criteria and does unique work.

With CRM, you can measure the performance of the sales team. For example, you can track how many customers or sales your employees are dealing with, actual or pending sales, monthly sales totals, etc.

CRM allows you to deal with more sales. As your sales volume and the sales you follow increase, it becomes difficult for the process to proceed without errors. However, with CRM, you can track the stage of all sales.

With CRM, the entire decision process becomes effective and accelerated. With a resource that allows you to access all the information about your business instantly, it becomes easier for you to make faster and more effective decisions. For example, with CRM, you can prepare special offer templates for your company and present compelling offers. In addition, you can instantly respond to customer needs and increase satisfaction by seeing information such as tracking sales to customers, meeting notes with customers, and offers and orders with CRM.