Next-Generation Customer Relationship Management (CRM) means much more than a digital solution. CRM, which means a cloud-based, comprehensive support network, eliminates the concept of time and space by offering end-to-end solutions to manage and analyse your customer relations in almost every subject related to your sector and take customer relationship management one step further.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the productivity-oriented software of the 21st century, where digital technologies have become very important in the business world. CRM plays a vital role in building relationships with your existing customers. Next-Generation CRM offers everything traditional CRM software provides and leverages the cloud and artificial intelligence.

It is possible to say that the Customer Relationship Management System and all the system elements have gained a much more functional structure with the cloud-based new generation CRM software types. Legacy CRM (Traditional CRM) can only regulate the relationships you have established with your past and current customers due to its technologies. While underlining that this is valuable, the new generation CRM successfully creates projections for the future.

What is Next-Generation CRM?

Next-Generation Customer Relationship Management (CRM) means much more than a digital solution. CRM, which means a cloud-based, comprehensive support network, eliminates the concept of time and space by offering end-to-end solutions to manage and analyse your customer relations in almost every subject related to your sector and take customer relationship management one step further. New Generation CRM includes artificial intelligence supported Data Management Platform (CDM) and User Experience Platform (UXP).

Data Management Platform (CDM) and User Experience Platform (UXP) bring together online and offline data sources in a way that is available to all stakeholders in the system. Thus, you can have a sales cloud, service cloud, trade cloud and marketing cloud elements, and a highly dynamic customer view that you can follow.

CDM works as background software that manages and organises customer data within the system. A CRM application can be quickly evaluated according to the development of the CDM capability because data processing is one of the essential elements of any CRM program. UXP, on the other hand, melts technology and service access into one pot. Sharing product and service-oriented applications with all stakeholders in the system, especially customers, UXP makes a significant contribution to the sustainability of the flow.

Making the flow in the system sustainable also significantly increases the efficiency of the pipelines. Sales transactions, which have a vital role in business processes, help the sales team to improve their business volume in a much shorter time than anticipated with the contribution of the CRM system. CRM software also makes it easier for you to identify your potential customers through future-oriented analyses at every stage of the sales process.

FowCRM, our new generation CRM product that allows you to focus on your customers, is always with you with its easy use and customisation possibilities. The product, which can be integrated effortlessly with different applications, allows you to access it anywhere and from any device. Providing multi-language and currency support, FowCRM is compatible with GDPR.

The Importance of Using CRM

Next-generation CRM programs enable you to create a flawless customer experience through cloud-based information technologies. For this, the software in question, which allows the correct data to be processed correctly, analyses consumer behaviour in mobile sales, digital marketing, e-mail and websites. It also determines a focal point based on the data obtained from internet advertisements.

A new generation CRM program that brings together the data collected from different sources and evaluates it in the light of various parameters, successfully analyses who your customers are, which social and economic class they belong to, your past communication and your possible future relationship. This entire analysis process is the focal point of CRM. CRM solutions that you can position as a strategy and tool include customer acquisition, retaining existing customers and discovering customers in digital areas where you are not active.

In this period, when the e-commerce volume has grown extraordinarily, customers decide on the purchase action based on their experiences with you, regardless of which industry you operate in. It becomes more important to continuously and automatically collect and analyse customer data and deepen the information in such a situation. When you put these steps into practice with the support of CRM software, it will be easier for you to respond to all issues related to customer expectations.

Timing is among the most critical concepts in customer relations. You need to ensure that your marketing and sales team reaches the right customers at the right time. For this, you should create a functional e-mail network and create different narrative languages ​​based on customer profiles, based on the data you have thanks to CRM and have no difficulty analysing.

On the other hand, cloud computing centred new generation CRM software also contributes to the functionality of the Home Office concept. CRM offers extraordinary advantages in terms of scalability and flexibility by enabling your employees to manage your customer relations from home through end-to-end solutions. Eliminating the need for common physical areas for employees, CRM makes the office approach to customer service sustainable through virtual channels.

What Does a CRM System Do?

In its simplest form, a next-generation CRM software combines, correlates, and analyses all the actions of any customer’s purchasing experience. Movements in the purchasing experience include customer information, requests, activities on products, and offers from or delivered to the customer. Thanks to a simple interface, an advanced CRM system gives your employees access to all the processed data. Thus, a customer relationship based on flexibility and understanding can be created.

Based on CRM systems lies the understanding of production with continuity. For this very reason, topics such as product innovation, campaign design, regional analysis, and sales forecasts are also within the range of CRM software. In addition, sales, marketing and service activities can be made more efficient in the light of the data collected by CRM. They can be easily used in the execution of these activities

CRM, which succeeds in influencing all components of your business model and offers a handy digital solution package in this respect, makes it easier for you to interact with your customers, enables you to establish strong relationships, creates customer loyalty and increases both your sales and business volume at the end of the day. Thus, your rate of profit will rise steadily.

FowCRM, a venture under Bilge Adam Technology, assists you in managing a flawless process to create a comprehensive customer experience. The product, which facilitates better understanding of your customers, contributes to the growth of your business volume by maintaining high-level interaction between your company and your customers. FowCRM incorporates various tools to enable you to manage your sales processes end-to-end.

Key Features of Next-Generation CRM Software

First, it should be underlined that the building block of new generation CRM software is advanced technology skills. Cloud-based virtual solutions, end-to-end services, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can be evaluated in the context of advanced technology capabilities. Advanced next-generation CRM software should have all of these capabilities because this set of capabilities lies at the heart of creating robust analytical processes.

An advanced CRM software analyses the past and present and sheds light on the future. CRM, which can create projections for each customer separately, guides you to potential opportunities. Software that successfully identifies potential opportunities is tailor-made for the best product developments and sales processes. In this way, you can improve your products and establish much healthier relationships with your customers

Finally, CRM allows you to have a more objective approach to internal evaluations. Software that offers usage analytics for you to examine how different departments use interfaces and tools is also very functional in assigning performance metrics. The main features of new generation CRM applications can be reviewed under five subtitles.

1- Simplicity

One of the outstanding features of CRM software is simplicity. Easy access to data, efficient customer analysis and meaningful predictions for potential customers based on data all become functional in a simple interface. It is effortless to measure, evaluate and analyse. The related features of the software support the development of the sales team, facilitate the management and help your teams achieve higher performance in any crisis.

2- Reliable database

In today’s business world, all companies attach great importance to data. Having successful customer relationships also means obtaining big data from all different fields of activity related to your sector. It is indispensable for companies to preserve these data stacks in reliable cloud databases and transform them into valuable information. CRM is a solution that allows you to see the future in this regard.

3- More interaction

CRM software allows you to interact more with your customers. The higher your engagement rate, the more likely you will gain a competitive advantage. It will be easier for you to achieve high-efficiency results in different scenarios related to your business strategy.

4- Enhanced customer experience

One of the indispensable components of a good CRM solution is the enhanced customer experience. Elements such as loyalty, support, and customer lifetime value form the basis of an improved experience. These elements are essential in making decisions, producing solutions and establishing relationships based on experience.

5- Employee productivity

CRM software is also very beneficial for your employees. Increasing efficiency in resource use, CRM achieves high benefits by enabling your employees to work in a more flexible work environment.

What Can You Do with a CRM Software?

You can perform sales planning, target management, regional control, subscription system and subscription renewals through an advanced new generation CRM software. All these processes are what you know about your customers and your ability to transform what you know into meaningful data. In short, a successful Customer Relationship Management strategy is directly related to data.

As long as you use the data correctly, you can make more efficient sales agreements, identify the employees who can meet the quota in your sales team, plan your marketing campaigns, use your resources more effectively and examine the returns of related activities in detail.

Additionally, you should use CRM software to automate the subscription creation and renewal systems. A good next-generation CRM software can remind your customers of the contract expiration date, send a renewal notification, and tell your sales team which customer received which service and the subscription scope of the service. With the support of artificial intelligence, the CRM software provides usage analytics that promises a 360° view in the subscription service, as in other services.

Suppose you want to integrate the advantages of the digital world into your company and have an advanced CRM system. In that case, you can use our FowCRM product, which offers a flexible and customised process. You can contact us and get opinions from our expert team to find answers to your questions about FowCRM.